Ignite Greatness with VR, AR and MR

Each big creation starts with a single spark.
We make sure this spark happens.

We create

Augmented Reality

Using your smartphone and our code, you can place virtual objects in the environment of your choosing.

Virtual Reality

We present, train, visualise and entertain using VR. You put on a headset, we make the magic happen.

Mixed Reality videos

We can place yourself in the virtual world using Polands' first MR studio.

Zero Killed

The new generation of battle.

Our tactical multiplayer VR shooter game. With Motion Sickness Free system and efficient VR multiplayer engine Zero Killed is a unique experience allowing full combat immersion.


Using your smartphone and our code, you can place virtual objects in the environment of your choosing.

We can:
  • Visualise almost any object using your smartphone in your space
  • Make the visualisation interactive - change colors, or variants of your product on-the-go
VR & AR trainings

Employee training is costly, blocks the production and is potentially harmful. Replace it with a safe, didactic and cost-effective alternative.

We can:
  • Transform current trainings to VR and/or AR thereby limitng costs and maximizing safety.
  • Create new trainings, with possibility of a multi-user platform.
  • Make 360 tours that can be used in familiarisation processes.
Automotive Solutions

Add a touch of future to your offer with our advanced VR and AR solutions.

We can:
  • Make your offer more attractive using VR and AR technologies.
  • Develop solutions according to your needs. Give us a call, and we'll make it happen!

We have worked with

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Our projects

How we do it

1. We analyze

We compare pros and cons, and evaluate the most cost-effective way to get the project into your hands.

2. We design

Our team of experts then takes your ideas, and prepares a plan accordingly.

3. We develop

Our specialists then take care of the design and turn it into the end product.

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